Sunrise Through the East Window

At dawn, the clouds briefly reflect the colours of the rising sun. These can be seen through the east window of the Chapel of Saint Anne.

Ζωὴν τὴν κυήσασαν, ἐκυοφόρησας, ἁγνὴν Θεομήτορα, θεόφρον Ἄννα· διὸ πρὸς λῆξιν οὐράνιον, ἔνθα εὐφραινομένων κατοικία ἐν δόξῃ, χαίρουσα νῦν μετέστης, τοῖς τιμῶσί σε πόθῳ, πταισμάτων αἰτουμένη ἱλασμόν, ἀειμακάριστε.

Thou didst bear the chaste Mother of God, she who conceived Life, O godly minded Anna; wherefore, thou hast now departed with joy for the heavenly dwelling place, wherein is the habitation of those who rejoice in glory, and thou askest the remission of offences for those who honour thee with longing, O ever-blessed one.

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