Night Liturgy at Saint Anne’s

In 2008, Father Ioannikios was visiting us from the Monastery of Mar Sabbas, outside Jerusalem. He wanted to join us for the feast of Saint Anne, but at the same time, he needed to return to Jerusalem with pilgrims who were leaving that morning. So we decided to have the Liturgy at night.

We left the monastery a little before 9:30, when they lock the gates for the night. We reached the Chapel of Saint Anne shortly after midnight. During Orthros, we chanted all of the odes for all the canons, as is the practice at Mar Sabbas. We finished the celebration of the Divine Liturgy a little before 5:00, and soon after, it began to get light for our descent to the monastery. The night was spent in prayer and services and spiritual joy, and Father Ioannikios was in time to return to Jerusalem with the other pilgrims.

Father Ioannikios chanted with Christos Canavas, who was studying the Sinai manuscripts at the time

During the celebration of the Divine Liturgy

After the Liturgy, with Father Ioannikios

The holy table of the tiny chapel is set into the eastern apse

The arrival of another day, and our descent to the monastery

Sunrise over the mountains

Father Ioannikios at a precipice overlooking the monastery far below

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