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Humble Constructions

The central basilica, the high surrounding walls, and various other structures within the monastery are made of hewn granite, and date to the middle of the sixth century. But both before and after that time, constructions were carried out with more primitive materials. Roofs and floors between storeys were made with whatever timbers were available. Over these, reeds were placed at right angles, sewn together with cords. Palm leaf mats were placed over the reeds, and earth on top of the mats. Such humble constructions still survive in a few places.

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  • Janice Bidwell

    Thank you for sharing both your beautiful photos and the Sinai peace with us here.

  • Catherine Fairchild

    The icons, manuscripts, and other well-known treasures of St. Catherine’s are familiar from books and other media. You are uniquely positioned to show glimpses of the monastery that are seldom seen by outsiders. These humble objects reflect the presence of God in an eloquent way of their own.

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