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Age-old Kellia

Kellia in the monastery that have been there for centuries.

View from the North

A classic view of the monastery, from the slopes on the north side. Bedouin on camels have taken pilgrims up the path to see the sunrise, and now they are returning home.

Chapel of Saint Theodore

The Chapel of Saint Theodore is still in full sun after the bell tower and minaret have fallen into shadow.

Ancient Structures on the Parapet

Ancient structures on the parapet of the fortress wall at the end of the day. The wheel device was used to make wax tapers for reading in the church.

The West Face of the Basilica

The west face of the Sinai basilica is decorated with a central cross and two flanking palm trees bearing clusters of dates. These were carved out of solid granite blocks in the middle of the sixth century.

Δίκαιος ὡς φοῖνιξ ἀνθήσει.

The righteous shall flourish like the palm tree. (Psalm 91:13 […]