Doors to the Trapeza

The doors to the refectory are set with panes of coloured glass.

Bell Tower and Minaret in the Dark

The bell tower and minaret, with the west end of the sixth century basilica visible beside them.

Monastery at Night

The monastery at night – the sixth century basilica, with the refectory behind, and kellia to the right. The buildings become more abstract in the dark.

The Nativity of Christ

Saint Ignatius the God-bearer was the Bishop of Antioch. He was martyred in Rome in the year 117. While being taken to Rome, bound in chains, he was met by the Bishop of Ephesus, and took the occasion to write an Epistle to the Ephesians. In it, he touches on the significance of the […]

Retreating Sunlight

The sunlight retreats in the late afternoon from the mountain to the east of the monastery with the Chapel of Saint Theodore.