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Clouds at Sunset

Clouds glow pink for just a moment before the sun slips beneath the horizon at sunset.

Liturgical Scroll

Centuries ago, it was traditional for the priest to read the prayers for the Divine Liturgy from a scroll. A number of these have survived at Sinai. One of them is very worn on the outside, but the inside is still bright and fresh. The words said aloud by the priest are executed in […]

Sinai Sunrise Four

The sunlight shifts from rose to gold and then becomes increasingly bright at the beginning of a new day.

Saint Catherine 2022

On Wednesday morning, we made three hundred loaves of bread for the feast of Saint Catherine. Each one was stamped with a carved wooden seal depicting the saint. These were blessed during the vespers service that evening, and given out to the pilgrims who had come to join us for the feast.

The […]

Sinai Sunrise Three

At last the first rays of sunlight strike the peak of the holy mountain. The light grows stronger as the sun rises into the sky.