Sinai Greek 690

Sinai Greek 690 is a gem. It is a small manuscript, measuring 21.5 centimetres by 15.8 centimetres. It is two centimetres thick. Seven blank leaves precede the first page of text. It is written in a beautiful hand, leaving generous margins. Decorative initials were executed with vermilion and gold. The manuscript contains the service […]

Sinai Persian 2

The Sinai library contains two Persian manuscripts. The second is a copy of Tarīkh-i Jahān-gushā (‘The History of the World Conqueror’), the story of Genghis Khan. It was written by Atirta-Malik Juvayni in the thirteenth century. He writes from personal observation. He was with Ilkhan Hulagu in 1256 at the taking of Alamut, and […]

Greek New Finds Majuscule 2

Sinai Greek New Finds Majuscule 2 is a manuscript of the Epistles of Saint Paul, in parallel Greek and Arabic. It has been dated to the latter ninth or early tenth century, and may have been written in Damascus. Folio 24 recto shows the beginning of the Epistle to the Ephesians. A rubric above […]

Sinai Greek 36

Sinai Greek 36 is a Psalter written in parallel Greek and Arabic in the ninth century. The Greek is written in an inclined majuscule with no separation between the words. The Arabic is written in kufic script. The title of each psalm is written in vermilion in both languages. Beneath is the text of […]