New Kittens

The monastery has about ten cats. These are the two newest kittens. They are still quite wild. This is the first time I was able to get close enough to photograph them.

Saint Panteleimon

The peak of Mount Saint Catherine in the distance, photographed at sunset from the Chapel of Saint Panteleimon.

The chapel in early morning light.

Father Michael celebrated the Liturgy, making special commemoration of his father, who was named Panteleimon.


Saint Anne

On Friday, we climbed to the Church of Saint Anne for the celebration of the Divine Liturgy.

Mountain ranges to the east as we climbed up the camel trail. I did not take any photographs before or after the Liturgy, since I knew I would be returning to the chapel the next morning. I […]

Prophet Elias 2020

On Sunday, we climbed to the Church of the Prophet Elias, to celebrate the Liturgy on his feast day.

The first light before dawn is rose coloured. This only lasts a few moments before the light changes to blue.

Sunlight on the peak of Sinai as we made our ascent.

The proskynetarion […]