Greek Horologion

Sinai Greek 898 is an Horologion, written in the year 1335.

Sinai has beautiful manuscripts with brilliant illuminations, and letters executed in gold leaf that flash and gleam as the pages are turned. But the library also contains many humble volumes, generally small in size, intended for individual reading. The edges of the pages are […]

Arrow Slit Window

An arrow slit window in the sixth century wall. These windows are narrow on the outside, and wider on the inside, allowing an archer to shoot arrows at an enemy, with little chance of being struck himself.

Whitewashed Wall

When the sun strikes the outside wall of the Chapel of the Holy Apostles at an oblique angle, a few moments before it goes into shadow, the many layers of paint come into sharp relief. I have photographed this wall many times. Here is yet another photograph.

Sunlight on Chapel Wall

The first rays of sunlight strike the plaster wall of the Chapel of Saint John the Baptist.

Prophet Elisha

We climbed to the Chapel of the Prophet Elisha to celebrate the Liturgy on his feast day. It forms a double church with the Chapel of the Prophet Elijah.

In the distance, the chapel at the peak of Mount Sinai as we made our ascent.

The panel on the back of the bishop’s […]