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Trapeza Bell

A small bell adjoining the kitchen area is rung after the noon service to summon the fathers to the trapeza, the refectory.

All the Lamps

We only light all the lamps in the church on special feast days. The multi-coloured points of light create a beautiful glow.

Fifteen steps lead down to the Church of the Transfiguration. As you pass through the narthex, you can see nothing for a few moments but the blaze of the gold and crystal […]

Feast of Saint Catherine 2019

Many pilgrims came this year to celebrate the feast of Saint Catherine.

The blessing of the five loaves at the end of vespers.

The newly polished lamps were like multi-coloured stars.

The icon of the Virgin Mary and Christ Child on the iconostasion.

Metropolitan Maximos of Ioannina, and Metropolitan Joachim of […]

Polished Lamps

All the lamps and candle stands are being polished for the feast of Saint Catherine, this coming Sunday.