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Bell Tower at Sunset

The bell tower turns golden in the last rays of sunlight.

Fragile Blossom

A fragile blossom opens on the Burning Bush.

Georgian Inscription

Three abbots and one hieromonk were recently visiting from Georgia. They were able to decipher a Georgian inscription on stone dated to the tenth century.

Here is the transcription line for line:

აჰა მთა ღვთისა შემწყნარებელი მ ონანულთაი ხარ ცო დვილი ლოცვა ყა ვთ

Here is the same text written with more natural word […]

Newly Renovated Kellia

First sun on the newly renovated kellia below the library.

Mountain Ridge

Advancing shadows at the end of the day distinguish a ridge from the mountain behind it. On the other side of the ridge is the hesychasterion of Saints Galakteon and Episteme. A double barred metal cross is visible on the mountaintop in the distance.

When the Elder Paisios lived at the hermitage, at night […]

Sunrise in Summertime

In the summer, the sun rises far to the north. The first rays of sunlight shine on the valley above the hesychasterion of Saints Galakteon and Episteme. A grackle perches on top of the highest cross of the bell tower.

Butterflies at the Burning Bush

Butterflies alight on the flowers of the Burning Bush.

A detail of the last photo above.


First Sunlight on the Burning Bush

The Burning Bush in the first rays of sunlight. Buds open to reveal lilac coloured petals that later turn white.