The New Manuscript Storeroom

The renovated storeroom has a stainless steel balcony that extends around the entire room. Open shelves at the upper level hold the monastery’s collection of early Greek printed books. Cabinets at the lower level contain trays to support stainless steel archival cases. These will protect some two thousand manuscripts, and about two hundred significant printed […]

Chairs in the Reading Room

The chairs in the reading room have also been carved with the monastery logo.

Reading Room Tables

The new tables in the reading room are made of cherry wood. The monastery logo has been carved at each end.

Feast of Saint Catherine 2018

This year, also, the church was filled with pilgrims who came to celebrate the feast of Saint Catherine.

Archbishop Philoumenos of Pella came as the representative of the Patriarch of Jerusalem. During vespers, we blessed the loaves that had been stamped with a special seal depicting Saint Catherine.

At the beginning of the […]

Reading Room

The new reading room is an inviting space for scholars to study the manuscripts. It has tables, chairs, and bookshelves imported from Greece. A grandfather clock from Bristol stands against the wall.