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Spectrum of Colours

A crystal from the candelabra casts a spectrum of colours on the proskynetarion with an icon of the Prophet Moses.

Inside the Chapel at the Peak

A beautiful candelabra of blue and clear glass hangs in the middle of the chapel at the peak of Mount Sinai.

Saint Anne 2017

The sun rose as we were making the climb to the Chapel of Saint Anne on her feast day.

A beam of sunlight entered through the tiny window of this most beautiful little chapel.


Prophet Elias 2017

It was a joy to celebrate the Divine Liturgy once again at the cave of the Prophet Elias on his feast day.

From the Pilgrimage of Egeria:

Having then fulfilled all the desire with which we had hastened to ascend, we began our descent from the summit of the mount of God which we […]

Lintel Over the Door

The lintel over the door to the chapel has a shallow relief carving of two doves supporting a central medallion with the cross.