Twisted Almond Tree at Sunrise

The almond tree growing next to the Chapel of Saint Gregory of Sinai, on the high Sinai plateau, has a gnarled and twisted trunk. The location can be cold and windy. Even so, it manages to bloom every spring.


Oldest Almond Tree

The oldest and tallest almond tree in the garden now has only a few branches that are still alive.

The Almond Tree at Saint Stephen’s

There is one almond tree growing inside the monastery, next to the Chapel of Saint Stephen. Its subtle fragrance fills the air in the early morning.

Almond Blossoms

Almond blossoms are the heralds of spring.


Almond Trees in Bloom

The almond trees are again in bloom, their fragrant pink blossoms in stark contrast to the bare granite mountains that surround the monastery.

Chapel of Saint Theodore

The chapel on top of the mountain to the east of the monastery is dedicated to Saint Theodore. On February 8, the feast day of the saint, we climbed to the chapel for the celebration of the Divine Liturgy. We set out when it was still dark, and reached the summit just as the first […]