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Liturgy in the Chapel of the Theologian

Father Michael at the beginning of the Liturgy. There is a tiny window to the east behind the holy table, and three larger windows in the south wall.

The ‘gifts set forth’ waiting to be brought to the holy table at the Great Entrance.

Reflections in the glass of the side window […]

The Chapel of Saint John the Theologian

The small chapel at the northwest corner of the monastery is dedicated to Saint John the Theologian. Father Michael celebrated the Divine Liturgy there on September 26, one of the two feast days of the saint. (The other is May 8.)

As I was bringing the service books, I saw the moon and the […]

The Chapel of the Oikonomissa

Long ago, the monks of Sinai were destitute. They had run out of provisions, and there was no hope of receiving any. Faced with the prospect of starvation, there seemed no recourse but to abandon the monastery. As they were ascending the mountain to pray one last time, the All-holy Theotokos appeared to them, and […]

The Divine Liturgy at Al Bustan

The chapel at Al Bustan is dedicated to the Nativity of the Virgin Mary, the All-holy Theotokos. It is unusual in having a low iconostasion. This gives a clear view of the walls and ceiling, which were painted in a secco technique by Father Pachomios, a monk of Sinai who died in 1958.

One […]