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The Chapel at Al Bustan

To the west of Mount Sinai, there is a walled compound with a chapel and monastic cells. The area around the chapel has been planted with grape vines, olive trees, and almond trees. The place is called Al Bustan, which means ‘flower garden’. This comes into Greek as Μποστάνι. The site was originally isolated, but […]

Stems from the Burning Bush

Stems from the Burning Bush spread across the adjoining wall

A Detail of the Icon of the Virgin Mary

One of the most important icon types of the Virgin Mary is known as Ἡ Ὁδηγήτρια (Hodegetria, ‘Directress’). She holds Christ in her left hand, and with her outstretched right hand, she points the way to her Son. He, in turn, is depicted holding a scroll in his left hand, his right hand raised in […]

The Archbishop’s Throne

The Archbishop’s throne in the Chapel of the Dormition of the All-holy Theotokos is made of mahogany, with boxwood and mother-of-pearl inlay. The mother-of-pearl reflects the light of candles and oil lamps during the services.

The Chapel of the Dormition of the All-holy Theotokos

The Archbishop’s chapel is dedicated to the Dormition of the All-holy Theotokos. For the feast day itself, all the monastery clergy concelebrated in the basilica. Father Michael celebrated the Divine Liturgy in the little chapel a few days later, within the octave of the feast.

The principal icons on the iconostasion date from the […]