Sinai Rock Hermitage

A massive granite boulder has a natural cavity beneath it. Centuries ago, hermits found refuge here. Parts of a stone wall are still in place at the entrance, a shelter from the strong winds that sweep through the area in the winter and spring.

Among these there was a number of solitary monks who […]

A Classic View from the Steps

On descending the traditional steps from the peak of Mount Sinai, the monastery comes into view far below, framed by the mountains to either side.

In the late afternoon, the steps are already in shadow, while the monastery and the mountains beyond remain in sunlight.

The same view from an early twentieth century […]

The Chapel of Saints Galakteon and Episteme

The tiny chapel at the hermitage of Saints Galakteon and Episteme.

There is a small spring behind the hermitage. The existence of water allowed the presence of a chapel, monastic cells, and a garden. The hermitage dates back to the early years of Sinai’s history.

Hermitage of Saints Galakteon and Episteme

The hermitage of Saints Galakteon and Episteme in the first light of day.

This photograph was taken in February, 2013. Heavy rains that month had collected in a cistern below, forming a reflecting pool for the hermitage above.

The Peak of Sinai at Dawn

I photographed the peak of Sinai at dawn from a mountain trail opposite that leads up to the hermitage of Saints Galakteon and Episteme.

Mount Sinai is russet coloured as it emerges into the first light of a new day.

As the sky turns brighter, the mountains take on a rose colour.


The Chapel of the Prophet Elias

The Chapel of the Prophet Elias through the years

Lithograph of the Chapel of the Prophet Elijah, by David Roberts, published in 1856. The artist visited the chapel on February 20, 1839.

I took this photograph in 2005. The iconostasion is adorned with both painted icons and paper icon prints. It is painted […]