The Church of the Forty Martyrs

In the valley to the south of the monastery, there is a church dedicated to the Holy Forty Martyrs. The area around the church has been planted with hundreds of olive trees. The site is known in Arabic as Wadi el Arbain.

This may be the place called Kodar in Ammonius’s account of the fourth […]

Steps to Ancient Cells

Steps lead up to ancient cells. In the distance, the mountaintops are lit by the last rays of the sun, and fleecy clouds pass overhead.

A Sixth Century Granite Capital

All of the capitals in the sixth century basilica are carved from solid blocks of granite. The capital of the westernmost column on the north side of the church has four projecting corners where it meets the arches above it. These are adorned with rams’ heads.

Below, four crosses placed at the cardinal points of […]

Late Winter Storm

A sudden storm in late February brings bitter cold, high winds, and snow flurries. But a bright patch in the clouds holds promise that the storm will not last long.

In a mystery, mourning, compunction, and tears give birth to consolation and spiritual joy. To express this, Saint John Climacus had to devise new […]