The Divine Liturgy

Archbishop Theophylaktos and concelebrating clergy at the beginning of the Divine Liturgy on the feast of Saint Catherine. Also present was Metropolitan Panteleimon, the retired Bishop of Ghana.

Visiting clergy joined us for the feast.

Father Euphrosynos, from the Monastery of Mar Sabbas, outside Jerusalem, celebrated as first priest.

Following the Divine […]

Vespers on the Feast of Saint Catherine

Archbishop Theophylaktos and other clergy from Jerusalem came to Sinai this year for the celebration of the feast of Saint Catherine. They were joined by clergy and pilgrims from many different countries.

The choir Πέτρος ο Πελοποννήσιος, from Sparta, chanted for the feast. The director is Panagiotis Tzanakos. The choir is named for Petros […]

Loaves for the Feast of Saint Catherine

A few days before the feast of Saint Catherine, a special batch of bread is prepared, and left to rise for the first time. A priest then blesses the bread, and it is formed into small round loaves. Each of these is stamped with a seal depicting Saint Catherine.

The wooden seal depicting Saint […]

Lamps Above Saint Catherine

On the feast of Saint Catherine, all the lamps are lit above the marble reliquary that enshrines her relics.