Sunset from the Northeast Corner

Clouds at sunset are rare during the summertime, when there is so little moisture in the air. These photographs were taken from the northeast corner of the monastery. The kitchen is nearby, and the bell is used to summon the monks to the refectory.


Setting Full Moon

Shortly before sunrise, the full moon sets below the range of mountains to the west

Mount Saint Catherine

In the distance, the peak of Mount Saint Catherine. This is the highest point in the Sinai peninsula, at an elevation of 2629 metres (8625 feet).

Mount Saint Catherine at sunrise, seen from the Chapel of Saint Panteleimon

Mount Saint Catherine that same day at sunset, lit by the rays of light coming […]

View from the Promontory

I climbed up to the promontory the following morning, just after sunrise.

The promontory in the first rays of the sun

The view from above, with the Chapel of Saint Panteleimon in the shadows far below

Promontory Above Saint Panteleimon’s

There is a high promontory above the Chapel of Saint Panteleimon, where a natural ledge provided shelter for hermits in centuries gone by. This photograph was taken in the last light of day. Already, shadows engulf the rocks below.