The Archbishop Blessing

In the Divine Liturgy, the Archbishop blesses with the τρικήριον (trikirion), a candlestick with three candles, in his right hand, and the δικήριον (dikirion), a candlestick with two candles, in his left hand. The three candles symbolize the Holy Trinity. The two candles symbolize the divine and human Natures of Christ.


A Kaleidoscope of Light and Shadow

As the sun makes his way across the sky, the walls and pavements of the monastery become a kaleidoscope of light and shadow.

Father Pavlos

Father Pavlos has been a monk of Sinai for over forty years. He is very diligent to commemorate the names of those who have asked him to pray for them in the preparation for the Divine Liturgy.

When he no longer has the strength to commemorate names standing up, he continues to remember them […]

Saint Onouphrius

The small Chapel of Saint Onouphrius is located in the Valley of Arbain, to the south of the monastery. It is built at the site of massive boulders that converge to form a small natural enclosure beneath them. This provided shelter for ascetics in centuries gone by. ‘They wandered in deserts, and in mountains, and […]

Chapel Wall

The outside wall of the Chapel of Saint John the Forerunner shows several layers — like a palimpsest.

Late Afternoon

In the late afternoon, the minaret and bell tower are silhouetted against the granite mountains, which turn a coppery red in the last rays of the setting sun.

Sinai Cats

A rug left out is quickly discovered by a mother cat and her two kittens.

Humble Constructions

The central basilica, the high surrounding walls, and various other structures within the monastery are made of hewn granite, and date to the middle of the sixth century. But both before and after that time, constructions were carried out with more primitive materials. Roofs and floors between storeys were made with whatever timbers were available. […]

Saint George Arsilaites

Saint George Arsilaites was praised by Saint John Climacus as the elder who taught him hesychia, stillness. The site of his cell, a one day trek from the Sinai monastery, is today known as Deir Antush

On the way

Stacked rocks show the trail

Sunlight on distant mountains

Our bedouin guide […]

Father Eumenios

Preparing to chant during the services

In the reception room after the service