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Glass Reflections

The panels of coloured glass in the outer doors of the basilica create patterns of colour on the inlaid marble floor of the narthex.

Be a Bezaleel of the Spiritual Tabernacle

A diagram of the tabernacle from the eleventh century manuscript Sinai Greek 1186.

We read in the Book of Exodus that a thick cloud descended upon Mount Sinai, with thunders and lightnings, and the voice of the trumpet exceeding loud. Moses went up to the top of the mount and was there forty days […]

Late Afternoon Sunbeam

During Small Compline, the late afternoon sun shone for just a moment on the inlaid marble and hardstone floor in front of the right chanting stand.

Afternoon Rain

An unexpected rain in the middle of the afternoon in August brought much needed moisture to the soil, and turned the rocks a darker colour.

Holy Transfiguration

Sinai Greek 204 is a tenth century Lectionary containing the Gospel readings for the most important feast days. Every letter on every page is executed in gold leaf. The letters flash and gleam as the pages are turned. This seems especially appropriate for the Gospel readings appointed for the feast of the Holy Transfiguration.


New Moon

Shortly after sunset, as the light in the sky faded, a new moon appeared just over the mountain ridge.

Saint Anne’s 2023

This year, we left the monastery at 4:00 AM for the climb to the Chapel of Saint Anne, the most beautiful of all the chapels up in the mountains. Father Theophilos came to chant. Two pilgrims from Romania also joined us. We went up the ancient steps.

The sky had turned light by […]

Prophet Elijah 2023

This morning we were able to celebrate the Divine Liturgy at the cave of the Prophet Elijah.

The horizon turned orange signalling the arrival of a new day.

The sun rose as we made our way up the path.

The last stop along the camel trail before we reached the little […]

Stairs in Late Afternoon

The stairs leading to the Chapel of Saint Anthony in late afternoon sun.

A Dove at Sunrise

The first rays of sunlight strike the bell tower and minaret. A dove has alighted upon one arm of the highest cross.