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The Newly Renovated Library

In September of last year, we completed the renovation of the library. Concrete beams were transformed into arches, and the floor and banister were covered with Sinai limestone. Concrete capitals were replaced with limestone capitals. All of this makes an impressive entryway to the new library.

Mountains After Rain

A steady rain through the night provided water to parched earth, and turned the mountains a darker hue. They glowed a coppery gold in the last light of the day.

Stair Rail to the Trapeza

The stair rail leading up to the trapeza (the monastery refectory) has been worn smooth over the years.

Passing Clouds

Clouds passing overhead create patterns of light and shadow on the mountains opposite the monastery.

Ruined Walls

Ruined dry stone walls to the north above the monastery

Storeroom 24

Rough plaster and weathered boards at storeroom 24, behind the Burning Bush.

Sinai Cliffs at Sundown

The cliffs to the south of the monastery at sundown.

Cactus in Bloom

My cactus in bloom. Cacti are intruders from the New World.

A Patch of Sunlight

A patch of sunlight on a whitewashed wall behind the Burning Bush. The projecting beams supporting the roof to the right are closer, and the shadows more distinct. A picket fence is farther away, creating shadows that are more diffuse.

Dovetailed Brace

A post is connected to a brace with a dovetailed tenon. The brace has been cut on both sides with a reverse ogee profile. Everything is then held in place with hand forged nails. This is Sinai woodworking from many years ago.