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Almond Blossoms

The almond blossoms fill the air with a subtle fragrance.

First Sunlight on Almond Blossoms

When the first blossoms of an almond tree emerge into the sunlight, others are still in shadow.

An Old Almond Tree

An old almond tree in the corner of the monastery garden

Almond Trees

Almond trees in bloom contrast with the stark mountains behind them.

Almond Blossoms

The almond trees are in bloom, heralds of spring.

Stasidia in the Basilica

Stasidia along the north aisle of the basilica, with stairs leading up to the pulpit. At noon, the sun shining on the wall opposite creates beautiful reflections. The church is adorned with dark blue banners embroidered with gold thread for the feast of Theophany.

The Blessing of the Waters on Holy Theophany

On the feast of Theophany, we bless holy water at a special fountain in the narthex.

The fountain is made of elaborately carved marble, and dates from 1783.

Water feeds from a canister behind the marble and drips from the beak of a dove into the first basin below. (This photograph was take […]