Icon Lamp

An ornate silver icon lamp, as a new day begins to arrive in the long morning service.

4 comments to Icon Lamp

  • Maria

    Oh yes, these lamps in Saint Catherine’s church are so precious, I was always gazing at them.

  • Richard Saloom

    Dear Father Justin,
    One of my earliest recollections was how hard it was of for my parents to keep silver from tarnishing. How is it done at Saint Catherines?

    • Father Justin

      I met someone from Bermuda, which enjoys a temperate climate. But it is always humid from the surrounding ocean, and she mentioned that silver tarnishes very quickly. Here, it seems to tarnish very slowly, because the climate is so dry, and it never turns entirely black. Before the feast of Saint Catherine, we wash the lamps in hot water with detergent and rub over them with soft sponges, and it is enough to restore a lot of the silver’s lustre. It would be an enormous task to try to use silver polish on all the lamps and candelabra.

  • Caroline

    Lemon juice is magic on brass and copper, but sadly not much use on silver.

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