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Midnight Office

At the beginning of the Midnight Office, the church is lit by only a few lamps and candles.

As you pass through the narthex, you can see nothing for a few moments but the blaze of the gold and crystal chandeliers which hang the length of the building. The church is loaded with the accumulated piety of centuries. Although the great caravans, which for so many years found their way to this lonely place, have vanished like a mirage, a token of the faith and the love they brought with them remains in the gilded gifts and the glowing ikons which shine everywhere in the dim half-light.

H V Morton, Through Lands of the Bible, 1938

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  • Maria

    So wonderful! This is the same I felt there on my first visit and since then every time ..
    Thanks a lot father Justin!
    I will passionately painfully miss Sinai, but thank God, and Saint Catherine, for being there.

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