Sunrise After Light Snow

The bell tower and minaret at sunrise after a light snow had fallen through the night.

5 comments to Sunrise After Light Snow

  • DK Pope

    Thank you Father Justin. I show all your pics to my kids.

  • Anna Courey

    Is that cross on top of the Bell Tower a Byzantium-style cross or a Russian cross?

    • Father Justin

      The distinctive Russian cross is the triple barred cross, with a smaller bar above, and another smaller bar below, always slanted backhand. I would call the top cross on the bell tower simply a decorative cross. The four smaller crosses at the corners are cut out of sheet metal. The cross above was shaped on an anvil and welded together. If you click on the screen image, the higher resolution version of the photograph will download, allowing anyone to study small details.


    The zoom resolution so beautiful Father Justin, the detail of the snow covered mountain awe inspiring!

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