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The Peak of Sinai at Dawn

I photographed the peak of Sinai at dawn from a mountain trail opposite that leads up to the hermitage of Saints Galakteon and Episteme.

Mount Sinai is russet coloured as it emerges into the first light of a new day.

As the sky turns brighter, the mountains take on a rose colour.

With the approach of dawn, the rose colour gives way to brown.

At last this venerable mountain emerges into the sunlight of yet another day.

A time lapse video showing the transition from dark to light.

3 comments to The Peak of Sinai at Dawn

  • Catherine Fairchild

    Congratulations, Father Justin, this video is exquisite. Watching the forms and colors gradually take on definition, I felt as if I were present at the Creation. The mountain seemed to unfold and blossom like a flower in the light. Having known you for a very long time, I can say that this work reflects not only the glory of Sinai but also the beauty of your soul.

  • Caroline Lees

    Wonderful. Is it taken from the hermit Musa’s place? Having stood around painting waiting for dawn I guess it must be. Can’t quite see where the Monastery is, over to the right down in the valley? I remember the sun rising behind the pointy mountain up the valley east from the Monastery.

    • Father Justin

      The monastery is below, in the valley down to the right. Another morning, I will photograph the sun rising over the monastery from the same cliffside.

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