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Sunbeams at Saint Anne’s

Photographs of another sunrise at the Chapel of Saint Anne

Thin layers of clouds catch the early morning sunlight

This is visible through the open east window of the chapel

The first sunbeams that enter are butterscotch, and the whitewashed walls reflect the golden colour. The rays of light shine to the right side of the chapel.

As the sun climbs into the sky, the light becomes white, and the sunbeams come to rest directly in front of the holy table.

In 2006, we started the service later than usual. Towards the end of the Liturgy, the sunbeams were shining directly on the holy table.

Every detail of the chapel is beautiful.

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  • Gina Brown

    The photos of the morning sunrise are beautiful… What a peaceful, spiritual place. Wish I were there… Can’t find that type of peace in NYC. I live way too close to ground zero. Godspeed …

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